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Sontinh CoolBuds Introduction!

The first product we’ve designed is the Sontinh CoolBuds. We designed this product with the customers in mind.


The design concept of the earbuds is a shining shell where people will be willing to wear it like earrings.


The design has been iteratively optimized in all aspects including sound quality, connectivity, power consumption, and ease of use.


Recently, CoolBuds has been upgraded to the second generation which can be competitively classed as the same level performance as Airpods.

Sontinh CoolBuds Merits compare with competitor

Fashion desigh for the Earbuds Appearance

We have carefully designed the color scheme to be an Aurora black. The surface of the colour plating has been treated in a process called vacuum plating. This ensure that the overall design has a brilliant and cool gleaming effect, thanks to the UNIBODY design concept.


Compare the Sontinh Coolbuds picture posted by a customer, against the TOZO headphones. Surprisingly, TOZO is the current best seller on Amazon, but the Sontinh Coolbuds is on the same price point as TOZO.


TOZO T10.png

Compact desigh for the charging case 


We have designed a compact charging storage box that is only two-thirds the size of AirPods. Furthermore, it offers the same endurance but only at one-third of the price to get the Sontinh CoolBuds.


This can be convenient in events such as when you need to place the charging case in the pocket of your sportswear during a workout.


Continuously optimize the Performance 


In addition to the importance of style and appearance, we also place a heavy focus on the engineering makeup of our product. We have continuously optimised and iteratively upgraded the CoolBuds performance.


Our professional acoustic engineer has carefully tuned the sound to an excellent quality with our proprietary technology SuperBass and SuperClear. The product is acoustically tested on the factory line, to ensure that every single product is up to the same excellent standards.

Product test.png

 CoolBuds 2 Upgraded Feature

Recently, we have upgraded the CoolBuds to the second generation (CoolBuds 2). This generation has been upgraded with the most advanced Bluetooth technology which provides a seamlessly switching feature.


The earbuds can be used individually or in pairs. Furthermore, it will automatically connect and switch on within seconds as demonstrated by the pictures.


Sontinh CoolBuds 2 Sales On Amazon

For all customers who purchase our Sontinh CoolBuds 2, we promise to provide a one-month free trial. If you are not satisfied, we will give you a refund.


We provide an 18-month warranty.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Sontinh CoolBuds 2 User Manual(Include English, German, Italian and Japanese) Download in Right Side

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